Quik Cards 4 Pack

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  • Quik Cards I

  • Quik Cards II

  • Quik Cards III

  • Quik Card IV







 Rain Cover + Pouch

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  • 16" Rain Cover

  • Storage Pouch






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  • Quik Cards 4 pack

  • 16" Rain Cover

  • Rain Cover Pouch

  • Pocket Pod






Quik Cards



The Photo Buddy Quik Cards are an inexpensive way to get up to speed on techniques that will help you create stunning photos. The Quik Cards small enough to be easily stored in your camera bag or clipped just about anywhere.  The hard part about photography is learning what settings to change, when to change them, and how much of a change is needed.  These  concise, durable & ultra-light cards are a great reference for avid photographers -- just clip them in your camera bag for quick help when you're out shooting.  Unlike most manuals, Quik Cards are written in easy-to-understand language.  Quik Cards keep the information you need close at hand so you have it when you need it.



Quik Cards are universal to DSLR and SLR style cameras.












Quik Cards I


Cards included in this set:


Metering and Exposure, Changing Exposure Settings, Lighting,Fill Flash, Landscape, Water, Flowers, Sunrises/Sunsets, Nighttime photography, Fireworks, Portraits, High Key / Low Key



Quik Cards II


Cards included in this set:


3 steps to better photos, Black & White Filters, Red-eye, Action Stopping, Intentional Blur, Sports, Effective Flash Range, Design Elements, Multiple Exposure, Macro / Close-up, Wildlife Photography





Quik Cards III


Cards included in this set:


Children, Weddings, Still Life, Underwater, Travel, Stock, Lenses, Filters, Bracketing, RAW vs JPEG, Edit/Print/Preserve







Quik Cards IV

Cards included in this set:


Architecture, EV Compensation, Light Box, Aquariums, Fire, Panoramic, Time Lapse, Lightning, Astrophotography, Amusement Parks








Rain Covers




- Made of a highly durable, ultra lightweight, waterproof material

- Takes mere seconds to attach or remove.

- Easy Velcro closure along the bottom which allows for handheld and tripod shooting.

- Compact, flexible, & ultra light

- The cover fits with an external flash on the camera.

- TTL flash works thru the cover (white covers only)

- Will work with lenses that rotate to focus.

- Makes a handy sunshade. DSLRs produce images with less "noise" if you keep the camera's sensor cool.

    To determine what size you need:  Measure from the back of you camera to the front of your longest lens (fully extended if a zoom lens).  Add 3" to your measurement (this is needed so the cover will fully close).  Round up to the nearest size cover.    





Rain Cover

Available in 5 sizes and 3 colors

16" Rain Cover $17.99
20" Rain Cover $23.99
25" Rain Cover $28.99
30" Rain Cover $33.99
35" Rain Cover $38.99







Storage Pouch

One Size Fits all, Offered in 3 Colors







Pocket Pods  

    Pocket Pod is a versatile camera "bean" bag which allows you to capture rock-steady shots with your digital, film or video camera on just about any surface.

- Made of durable fabric that is easy to clean

- Takes mere seconds to setup and adjust.

- Compact, flexible, & light weight

- Fill is made from HDPE plastic that will not deteriorate over time (unlike polystyrene fill similar camera bean bags contain)

- Adjustable to any height or angle to accommodate any situation you may run into while in the field shooting

- Provides a solid shooting surface to eliminate camera shake that handheld photography produces




Pocket Pod

Approx 14" x 7" & 14oz

8 "pods" help keep filling in place and allow for easy molding of the pocket pod




Pocket Pod XL

Approx 20" x 10" & 3lb

10 "pods" help keep filling in place and allow for easy molding of the pocket pod




Pocket Pod Mini

Approx 10" x 5" & 5oz

8 "pods" help keep filling in place and allow for easy molding of the pocket pod






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